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This isn't a hipster blog I promise

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Tony is in France, and we were discussing what may or may not happen to me in a foreign country

id offend so many people
Oh I'm sure you'd be fine if you travelled with a group. just make sure you know exactly where you're going at night though so you don't get Taken
a group wouldnt stop me lol... Oh GOD that sounds horrible
because I am pretty sure your father is not Liam Neeson
Sadly he's not and I'm laughing my ass off because my dad is an overweight chemist. I am trying to picture him as Liam Neeson
hahahaha "I don't know who you are, but I will probably not find you. But if I do, I will titrate and combust the SHIT out of your chemicals"

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my name is maria and my science partners name is tony
we had a presentation today and i thought we should’ve played up the westside story theme we had going c;